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The national & Consumer Industries Exhibition is a unique opportunity to contact with your audience in Jeddah . If you look for displaying your actions & empowering your brand , be a sponsor and enhance your company in the Saudi market
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    Additional Services and suppliers

    MODERN LINE – Special Stand Design


    IDEAL EXPO EST. – Special Stand Design


    AL ZAID GRAPHICS – Giveaways, Graphics & Arts Works


    SELI CREATIVITY – Promoters and Staff Sourcing


    Stand Build Instructions:

    • Using paint spraying compressors is prohibited inside the hall, all works will be suspended in case of violation.
    • Use of glue for carpeting is prohibited, failure to commit will result in 750 riyals fine per each square meter.
    • Using the walls to hang any material is prohibited, a fine of 750 riyals for each point will be charged.
    • Drilling or punching on either floor or walls of the hall is prohibited, an amount of 750 riyals for each point will be charged upon violation.
    • Using the ceiling for any purpose will be charged 375 riyals per each point, and pre-approved by center management. The amount should be paid in advance by check addressed to Jeddah Chamber, on in cash to the organizers.
    • Not to coverage fire hoses boxes, air-conditioning vents, and cameras in the hall.
    • Electrical wires must not be laid on the floor of the hall, and all electrical works must be under the supervision of the electrical engineer of the Organizers.
    • Contractors must remove booth wreckage (wood, gypsum board, iron, etc.) after the exhibition from all venue areas, including the storage area, and back yard. Failure to commit will result in a fine of (10,000 Riyals).
    • Make sure the dimensions and position of the platform are correct before starting construction.
    • Organizers should be provided with Stand design for examination and approval before the exhibition.
    • Special stand designs must not cause damage or obstruct the visibility of other booths.

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